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  • Indulge in the exceptional flavor and quality of our pastured-raised Whole Chicken. These birds are the epitome of how chickens are meant to live. Picture them roaming in lush pastures, eagerly pecking at worms, insects, and foraging through grass, all while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the invigorating freshness of the air.

    Our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices shines through in every aspect of our chicken's upbringing. From day one, they are nurtured with non-GMO, organically sourced feed, ensuring their diet is wholesome and free from harmful additives. We firmly believe in natural, holistic methods, which is why our chickens receive no vaccines or hormones throughout their lives.

    Unlike factory-farmed counterparts, our chickens are not confined to cramped spaces. They are given ample room to roam and explore, engaging in their natural behaviors of scratching the earth, enjoying the nutritious treasures it holds. This lifestyle not only enhances the well-being of our birds but also imparts a distinctive tenderness and flavor that will delight your taste buds.

    And that's not all! Our Whole Chicken provides more than just a delicious meal. After your feast, don't let the bones go to waste! They make the most incredible bone broth, a nourishing elixir that stretches your hard-earned cash even further and adds depth to your culinary creations.

    Please note that our Whole Chicken is available for pick-up only at this time, ensuring you receive it at its freshest. While our chicken is not certified organic, we believe that certification often comes with a hefty price tag. Rest assured, our chickens surpass organic standards in terms of quality, taste, and ethical upbringing.

    Treat yourself to the ultimate chicken experience with our Whole Chicken. Discover the difference of a chicken raised as nature intended, and savor a meal that might just be the best you've ever had!


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    1 Pound
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